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Who Else Bundles, and Why

In this final post of my “Clonefiles” series, I will take a brief look at the history of bundling physical and digital products together, concluding where Clonefiles fits into that narrative. In short, bundling began with the home video industry. … Continue reading

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Why Do the Indies Matter to AR?

My previous post in the “Clonefiles” series mentioned that Angry Robot titled their post announcing Clonefiles “Supporting Independent Booksellers.” Why did AR decide to include this additional party in their crucial experiment? Is Clonefiles a viable solution for the troubles … Continue reading

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The 2012 Clonefiles Experiment

Before I begin, a couple of quick announcements: 1). This Tuesday (September 24th) sees the release of four new Angry Robot paperbacks: Seven Forges by James A. Moore, All is Fair by Emma Newman, The Prince Thief by David Tallerman, … Continue reading

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What Is Clonefiles?

I apologize, readers, for the shortness of this post (1 Job Interview + 1 Assignment + Regular Course Work = 0 Time). I’m going to use this coffee break to quickly summarize Angry Robot’s Clonefiles program, reflect on the reaction … Continue reading

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Introduction: Why Angry Robot?

Hello, readers! You have stumbled upon The Robot Watcher, a blog project that will take an in-depth look into global genre publishing house Angry Robot Books. In particular, I will be analyzing the creative and contrarians ways in which Angry … Continue reading

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