Best of Angry Robot: Covers

If you were to browse the reader comments on Angry Robot’s Facebook and Twitter pages, you would quickly find a remark about the quality of AR’s book covers. Indeed, many of these covers are awesome. Even the popular review blog The Book Smugglers did a post about some of their favorite AR covers. I would not be surprised in the slightest to find out that many of AR’s fans were initially brought into the fold through these eye-catching and attention-grabbing pieces of art.

Rather than doing a lengthy commentary piece about these covers, I’ll let the works speak for themselves. I’m going to present my top 5 favorite AR covers, in no particular order, citing the artists who created them. This is by no means an exhaustive list, so I recommend you browse AR’s Pinterest Page, the Robot Trading Company, or read that Book Smugglers post for some more great sci-fi and fantasy artworks.

All covers come from the main Angry Robot website.

BlackbirdsJoey Hi-Fi

Blackbirds-144dpiDead HarvestAmazing15


The Nekropolis ArchivesSteve Stone

TheNekropolisArchives-144dpivNMartin Bland

vN-144dpiThe Marching DeadNick Castle


Next time, in my penultimate post for The Robot Watcher, I will discuss the one element, above all others, which makes Angry Robot, Angry Robot- their books.

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